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The movie Alpha Dog got a lot of attention because it starred Justin Timberlake.

But the film still being discussed at water coolers and across celebrity gossip blogs everywhere for one reason:

A certain former co-star The OC gets very naked.

And fortunately we’re not talking about Mischa Barton.

Olivia Wilde at Tonys
Photo via Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions

But a nude Olivia Wilde – the gal who played tonsil hockey with Barton’s thin character on the show for a few episodes – has an explicit sex scene in the movie. It’s one that can scarcely be summed up by the photo here, but we had to try. 

It’s worth renting Alpha Dog just for this bare body of work.

It’s also almost worth not killing animals just to abide by nude Holly Madison advertisements. But we’ll leave that up to you.