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What do you do when you’re so insane that you shave your head, enter rehab, then launch a comeback but get pissed because your hair won’t grow back fast enough and think you look like crap in your ratty wigs that don’t even stay on right?

By golly, you send your personal bitch cousin out for some new ones!

Britney Spears’ kissin’ cousin, Allie, was spotted at The (aptly named) Wig Company in Studio City over the weekend, trying getting a handle on Britney’s next look … which looks like it’s going to be half Pussycat Dolls, half Marcia Brady.

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

Allie, who’s got a big-time crush on Luke Walton, is Britney’s assistant and part-time driver and Sean Preston nanny.

And now apparently, you can add wig coordinator to her lofty list of titles.

Speaking of Sean P., Britney Spears raised eyebrows this weekend when she pulled over on the side of the road to change his dirty diaper. Or was it Jayden James?

We’re not sure. There are no conclusive pics.

Cameras snapped her bodyguard (and Allie, of course) doing their best to keep Britney Spears and the baby hidden from the pack of photographers who quickly swarmed the car after she pulled over, but you know how the paparazzi operates.

When those foolz have a chance to see celebrity babies getting changed, they’re all over that like Kim Kardashian on Ray J. Or is it Reggie Bush?

Still. Next time, Britney, you might want to try a rest area for your baby-changing needs. Or, you know, wait until you get home.

Just an idea.