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Fans have been clamoring for Usher to see the old, ugly, gold-digging light for weeks now.

They’ve been bombarding our celebrity gossip site with rude comments directed at fiancee Tameka Foster, along with advice for the hip hop star to ditch this supposedly money-hungry, knocked-up social climber.

We haven’t received so many opinions since we bashed the heck out of Greg Laswell.

Jenn Goicoechea and Usher

While insulting Tameka Foster like mad, numerous readers also recommended that Usher go back to his lovely ex-girlfriend, Chili (left).

The former member of TLC has been out of the news for awhile, as recent photos of her are about as difficult to come by as Jayden James pics.

But we tracked down a shot of her with Usher (right). And we paired it with one of the singer and Foster (below). Now it’s up to you, Tameka haters: Which do you prefer?