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Pardon The Hollywood Gossip staff for paraphrasing a headline we used to discuss the sex life of Lindsay Lohan a few weeks ago.

But it’s not our fault James Blunt possesses a) a penchant for sleeping with spoiled celebrity skanks and b) a punny last name.

The singer is either enjoying his break-up with Petra Nemcova a lot – or punishing himself for past transgressions. It’s hard to say after reports first linked him with Lohan, and have now done the same with Paris Hilton.

Carter Reum, Wife

Despite the fact that Hilton has been dating Desperate Housewives actor Josh Henderson since late March, the HO-tel heiress was seen getting her pole dancing on for an audience that included Blunt on Wednesday night.

A source for Page Six saw Paris and Nemcova’s ex snuggling up at an L.A. club, where they “danced and held hands” before they started making out.

Afterwards, the two left for a party at Paris’ pad, and a witness tells Us Magazine that Blunt and Hilton “had a great time” on Paris’ stripper pole while friends such as Cameron Diaz looked on.

“As James’ hand went inside the back of Paris’ top, we knew there was more to come,” a witness at the party tells Us. “They definitely hooked up!”

Yech. And we thought the song “You’re Beautiful” was sickening. Blunt’s taste in women makes the taste of British auction goers bidding on Kate Moss nude look normal.