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Those Brits know how to make an impression Stateside.

Some are scary, such as David Beckham nude.

Others have giant boobs and reality shows, such as Katie Price.

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Still others possess actual talent, especially of the singing variety. With that in mind, here’s an Us Magazine interview with Lily Allen:

US: Tell us about your new clothing line, Lily Loves.
LA: I’ve designed a small line and I’m really into the classics – teal, grey and just bright colors. I’ve got dresses, kind of disco-inspired, that I could imagine me and my friends going to the local [club] in. Very pretty, feminine.

US: How did the deal come about?
LA: They just approached me, asked for my ideas, and we worked together on the looks. [I hadn’t] designed before. You just think about all the options. And I was involved in [choosing] the colors, the styles, the shapes, all that stuff. We worked together on dresses that I wear anyway, just gave them a nice fit and shape. I pick out all my clothes myself, from this personal collection of mine.

US: There was a rumor that you were maybe going to work with Karl Lagerfeld. Is there any truth to that?
LA: It depends on what kind of work it is. I’ve been to their house. I visit when I go to [Fashion Week], and I’ve been to their shows. I really enjoy all of their collections. We know each other [that’s all].

US: In terms of touring, you’ve been around the world this year. Has any city inspired you fashion wise?
LA: I got some really nice things in Japan, like street wear. And in Paris, I mean, I always find stuff. It seems very sexy when you’re at the fashion shows. So I went to see the fall collections. I loved the evening wear, the shoes and everything, from Paris and New York.

US: Amy Winehouse and Lady Sovereign have complained that their styles are criticized, whereas yours has been embraced. Why is that?
LA: Maybe my style is a bit more feminine? I don’t know.

US: How do you define your own style?
LA: I wear what’s comfortable. I like a contrasted look- smart with gothy, glamour with street wear.

* The Hollywood Gossip note: This contrasts to fellow Brit, Keeley Hazell, who’s style is to be nude at all times.