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At our weekly staff meeting this morning, the celebrity gossip writers at The Hollywood Gossip collectively decided that we don’t ridicule Kevin Federline enough.

That may seem hard to believe, but since Britney Spears went bonkers, we’ve been forced to laud K-Fed‘s efforts as a father and focus on what a decent fellow he really is at heart.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to mock his music “career.” Anyone even remember when he was trying to be a rapper? His first performance told it all, it seems. Predictably, it was a short-lived venture. One replete with awful music.

K. Fed as a Dad

We bring this up not only because K-Fed’s entry into the music biz is unintentional comedy at its best, but because we’ve learned that the one and only Spencer Pratt (yes, the Devil himself) has a cameo in his music video for “Lose Control.”

Here’s the video for “Lose Control,” as rapped by the self-proclaimed America’s Most Hated. Laugh, enjoy, and look for Spencer Pratt – another guy America has come to love to hate (on The Hills) – around the 49-second mark.


Special thanks to for the tip about Spencer Pratt appearing in this masterful, legendary work of hip-hop art.