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An embarrassing rap performance by Kevin Federline is being derided as a not-ready-for-prime-time disaster by critics in both cyberspace and the hip-hop community.

We are talking, of course, about Sunday night, when Mr. Britney Spears performed his new single, “Lose Control,” to a peppy crowd at the 8th Annual Teen Choice Awards on Fox.

Introduced by his wife, who was dressed in a raunchy, cleavage-baring dress despite her pregnancy, Federline stalked across the stage with a bad ass attitude as attempted to rap about bling, Cristal and his own lyrical skillz.

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It was easily the most anticipated performance of the night, and the most ridiculed. By morning, reviews and videos of it were splashed on websites like this one, accompanied by snarky comments ridiculing both K-Fed and his rough-looking better half.

And if you thought the web universe was less than welcoming to Federline’s rapping ambitions, the hip-hop community is even less so.

“I just think we ignore him. He’s a joke, basically… I just don’t think he gets it. He doesn’t get that he’s Britney’s man and it’s hard to take him seriously,” said Elliot Wilson, editor in chief of XXL magazine.

Jermaine Hall, executive editor of King magazine, echoed that sentiment.

“The thing that really hurts him is the fact that he’s perceived as Britney’s husband,” Hall said. “You know, kinda like Britney’s second. I don’t even want to say second in command, but he’s like the Britney Boy. He’s like Mrs. Spears, and it’s kinda hard to get over that perception.”

Federline is expected to release his debut hip-hop album, Playing With Fire, in October. Hall said that despite the barbs K-Fed is getting, he still has a shot at success.

“All you can do, is really just keep on plugging. He’s definitely going to have a teenage female fan base. So, you know, make songs that cater to them. Keep it clubby, keep it hoppy, keep it happy,” Hall said.

In what can’t be considered a good sign for Federline, he was stood up at his Teen Choice Awards after-party by the likes of Nelly Furtado, Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook (the latter pair co-hosted the event). Reason being? None of them wanted to pretend they liked his effort. But hey — at least one celebrity showed up: Britney Spears! You gotta start somewhere.