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Brace yourselves, because we think that y’all ain’t ready for the knowledge T.H. Gossip is about to drop upon your domes. Kevin Federline‘s debut CD, Playing With Fire, drops into a circle of Hell stores near you on October 31. Below is a preview of the cover.

Yup, there it is. Prepare to buy the CD, then “Lose Control” of your motor skills and “accidentally” deposit it in the nearest trash recepticle.

K. Fed as a Dad

Somehow we know doubt that the husband of Britney Spears and the proud papa of Sean Preston and Sutton Pierce is going to be receiving anything other than ridicule when this $h!t hits the airwaves. But at least it’ll make for some Halloween fun. He can give it out to the trick-or-treaters!

Right now, T.H. Gossip is laughing at the imagery of Britney and K-Fed dropping copies of the CD into orange plastic buckets, and all the cute little Mailbu kids responding with the same horrified expression. Go Spederline!