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Rosie O’Donnell may hate Donald Trump.

But the billionaire has made quite the impression on someone much better looking.

Former coke head and beauty queen Tara Conner stopped by “Last Call with Carson Daly” on Friday night and admitted she’d still be a user (or worse) without The Donald’s help.

“I’d probably still be using,” she said.

“I could be dead or in jail, I’m grateful.”

Daly also asked the soon-to-be-unthroned Miss USA what she thought of Britney Spears‘ coming and goings from Promises rehab.

Like a true pageant winner, Conner kept her answer diplomatic:

“It’s different strokes for different folks, I had to stay put because my disease was progressed way too far to be jumping in and out.”

Conner, however, did not comment on the chances of another Miss USA, Shandi Finnessey, to win Dancing with the Stars.