Carson Daly Shows Love and Support for the Mess that is Tara Reid

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The cons of being Tara Reid: you can't act and you have a botched boob job.

The pros of being Tara Reid: Sometimes, you look like Kelly Ripa. And formerly popular talk show hosts still show you love.

Terrible Tara

Indeed, Carson Daly recently talked to People magazine and heaped praise on his former fiancee for admitting past mistakes. The Last Call with Carson Daly host also said he was proud of his ex for speaking out about her plastic surgery.

"I saw her on the Today show recently talking about the whole thing, and I know how nervous she gets for stuff like that â€" it's funny when you know somebody so well â€" but I thought that she handled herself great, and I really commend her for her honesty and stepping up to the plate," Daly said.

Daly and Reid dated for 17 months before splitting in 2001. Carson also dated Jennifer Love Hewitt, but focused the interview on Tara. He said they scarcely keep in touch.

"We don't run in the same circles. But when we do run into each other it's always great to see her, and always very pleasant."

Good. Now, if only Clay Aiken and the aforementioned Ripa could get along as well.

Meanwhile, for those itching for a Daly update: He's been living in Los Angeles and hosting an online program called "It's Your Show." This is in addition to his late-night show on NBC .

"I'm trying to re-enter the human race," Carson said. "All of my rock 'n' roll living at MTV and my fast-paced public relationships â€" a lot of the press that people associated me with was tied in with all of that. And as I got a little bit older and moved on to NBC I thought, 'I've gotta grow up here.' "

Sounds like a lesson Lauren Conrad is also trying to follow. Do we smell a love connection in the making?

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