Barron, Donald Trump Hang Out

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Donald Trump is always a conniving, pompous billionaire.

Sometimes, he's a conniving, pompous billionaire father.

Trump vs. Prejean

Seen here, Trump is hanging out with the celebrity baby we're sure he'd deem as the best in the world. Sorry, Jayden James, Suri Cruise and Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern. Better luck next lifetime.

We hope The Donald gives Barron back to his nanny soon, though - because the real estate mogul has some serious praying to do. His famous hair is on the line during a match during WWE Wrestlemania 23. If the wrestler chosen by Trump loses, the billionaire must have his head shaved.

Now there's an idea Rosie O'Donnell can probably get behind.

As well as Britney Spears, obviously.

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Trump vs. Prejean
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