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Brian Fortuna is very lucky.

The new partner on Dancing with the Stars will be dipping and spinning Shandi Finnessey in the latest version of the reality competition, starting tonight.

Best known for capturing the Miss USA title in 2004, Shandi has avoided any Tara Conner-like troubles with the crown. The 28-year old has remained relatively quiet, inspiring other hopeful contestants across the land … and practicing her dance moves, of course.

She took tap, ballet and jazz classes until the age 7 or 8, but hasn’t been trained since then. However, at least she has two working legs, unlike fellow Stars hopeful, Heather Mills.

Anyway, The Hollywood Gossip will be here to keep fans updated on the progress of Finnessey and all other performers this season. For now, forgive us for posting a few Shandi photos in lieu of Joey Fatone pictures. We think even the ladies will understand that one.