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Move over, Hilary Duff. You aren’t the only celebrity feeling pressure to lose weight.

In the past, Jenna Jameson only felt the pressure of the next porn star on top of her – but take a look at the pictures below. What happened to the buxom-laden blonde that so often swallowed … food during her film shoots?

The Hollywood Gossip

Recently, the close, non-virginal pal of Paris Hilton has been disappearing every time she turns sideways. The adult movie queen may be used to being on top of men and/or women, but these days, she’s on top of the shrinking world of actresses and singers.

Granted, Jenna has a long way to go until she’s in the class of Keira Knightley. Or Nicole Richie. But we hope she stops trying to match them post-meal vomit for post-meal vomit.

Then again, Knightley might be joing Jameson’s world of porn soon, according to recent comics. Perhaps these two are trading places and we’ll see Jenna swashbuckling with Johnny Depp one of these days.

Stranger things have happened. Like Tara Conner actually remaining sober.