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When Hilary Duff lost a noticeable amount of weight two years ago, she chalked it up to healthier eating habits.

But now, the 19-year-old singer-actress admits she felt pressure not just from stalkers – but from the media. To get thin.

Hilary Duff Advertises for Allergy Season

“I did get skinny,” she tells Britain’s Mail on Sunday.

So did Nicole Richie. Maybe you’ve noticed?

“I’ve felt pressure like everyone else in my position,” said Hilary Duff, who likes to get her drink on at Hyde. “When a newspaper comes out that says ‘Duff Puff — she must have gained 15 pounds’ or something like that, how would any normal person react?”

THG NOTE: We’d probably tweak, unleash rage upon photographers, go to a barbershop and leave with a shaved head, then check into rehab.

She continues: “It’s so mean, but everyone keeps buying that stuff and talking about it, so it’s not going to go away.”

Duff, whose two-and-a-half year relationship with rocker Joel Madden ended in November, tells the magazine:

“I felt like we were great together, and being on my own is great too.”

After a trip to Europe to promote her new album, Dignity, Duff is now back home with her sister Haylie Duff, 22.

The two live together in Los Angeles in a house they shared until recently with their mom, Susan – who just moved down the street, much to her younger daughter’s chagrin.

“It was her idea,” says Duff.

“She said, ‘I want to give you guys more freedom,’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t want that. I want you here.’ So I call her every day and I still always consult her before any big decision.”

Think Lindsay says things like that to Michael Lohan?