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Brandon Davis is one slick motherf*%ker.

Literally! In all other manners of speaking, nothing could be further from the truth. He has absolutely no tact, and seems to get getting himself into some tight spots of late.

Who does everyone’s favorite Greasy Bear think he is, Danny Ocean? Davis, whose family is worth billions, is being sued for allegedly ripping off a Bahamian casino for a $h!tload of cash during a weekend in January.

In a lawsuit filed in New Jersey and obtained by TMZ, the Atlantis Paradise Resort and Casino claims Paris Hilton‘s hanger-on owes $75,000 – after checks that Davis wrote for a hefty casino marker bounced and were sent back (Greasy) bearing the stamp “Non-Sufficient Funds!”

This caps quite the week for the oil heir, who made numerous headlines after running his mouth and getting booted out of Hilton’s birthday party.

Among other things, he ignorantly mocked Paula Abdul’s Middle Eastern heritage despite the fact that Davis’ own father is Middle Eastern.

He was also ridiculed (deservedly) by a New York DJ.

This check bouncing isn’t a first for him, either. He once bounced a $10,000 check to Joe Francis (yes, that Joe Francis), conveniently after remarking that Lindsay Lohan‘s $7 million net worth was “poor.”

According to the current lawsuit against him, Davis was either “aware at the time that he presented the checks that his account had insufficient funds,” or borrowed the cash with “the intent and plan to order the bank not to pay or honor the checks.”

And we thought the Bahamas were only good for Anna Nicole Smith news. Either way, the casino wants their ca$h, ASAP. They’re even after Greasy for an additional $270 to cover the returned check fee!

Bad Greasy Bear! Bad! Maybe we need to include the oily one on our Jason Wahler Sweepstakes!