Stephen Colbert: The Ice Cream

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Ask Stephen Colbert the one thing that's missing from this world and he's likely to tell you: an ice cream flavor named after himself.

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Well, America's favorite son can finally relax.

This may be a hoax - perhaps started by good friend, Jon Stewart - but Ben & Jerry's appears to have come out with a Colbert-inspired flavor, "Americone Dream." Catchy, isn't it?

We can imagine Colbert saluting true Americans, such as Lauren Nelson, before devouring such a delicious dessert as he recites the Pledge of Allegiance at home.

The talk show host is ceretainly worthy of his own flavor, but allow us to suggest a pair of other ideas:

  1. "Ice Cream in a Box," in honor of Justin Timberlake
  2. "Drunken, Beautiful Chip," in honor of Tara Conner

Tell us, readers: What other celebrities deserve their own type of ice cream?

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