Sienna Miller Denies Dating Leonardo DiCaprio

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Sienna Miller has said in the past that humans are basically a bunch of f*%king animals who can't be counted on to be monogamous.

But despite a rough breakup from Jude Law, the actress denies she's looking for some rebound action with Leonardo DiCaprio, who she's been linked to of late.

Leo on Set

"Absolutely no truth, I'm afraid to say," Sienna Miller told E! before the much-anticipated Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old, who's been popularizing the all-vodka diet, was responding to a question about a story that she had been seen with DiCaprio "in an impossibly romantic way."

The Pittsburgh hater (and native) said she and DiCaprio were "buddies from a while ago" but she hadn't seen him for more than a year.

British tabloids reported last year that the two were seen acting cosily at a L.A. nightclub, but both stars have denied that a nude Sienna Miller has made an appearance. Sad.

Miller, who recently finished making the film Factory Girl, has had an on-and-off relationship with Jude Law, and hopes that she may one day rekindle her romance with him.

DiCaprio, who in addition to looking a lot like Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane, picked up not one but two Golden Globe nominations for his roles in Blood Diamond and The Departed. 

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