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Katie Rees.

Female orgasm.

Certain words just go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly, or Britney Spears and Isaac Cohen. Certainly Ms. Katie Rees, the disgraced ex-Miss Nevada and no stranger to raunchy behavior, would concur.

But don’t sell her short. The dethroned beauty queen – who lost her Miss Nevada title after a collection of wild Katie Rees pictures were revealed to the world via the Internets (and thank heaven for that) – has shown that when she’s not making out with other girls, she sure can clean up nice.

After losing her beauty pageant crown to Helen Salas amid a storm of controversy and some awfully compelling girl-on-girl action, Rees recently put her clothes back for a photo shoot with Las Vegas’ newest magazine, Racket.

While she looks like a pretty and downright respectable gal in non-nude pics, there is just something about Katie Rees in a normal photo session that throws us off. And we’re not the only ones. Rees’ own rack apparently has misgivings…

There’s only one thing left to do. Sign the petition and reinstate Katie.