Sienna Miller Ditches Therapy, Pines for Jude Law

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Sienna Miller hates Pittsburgh.

Reportedly, she's not a major fan of therapy, either.

Speaking to W magazine, the spoiled actress with the fancy name said she tried a psychologist once, called him a "cow" and has no plans to return. Well, okay then.

Miller also admitted she still cherishes a ring Jude Law gave her and strongly hinted she hopes to rekindle their romance. Everyone at The Hollywood Gossip certain hopes these two get back together, as well.

They're more entertaining than a year's worth of Travis Barker/Shanna Moakler back and forths.

Sienna said she resorted to therapy over the relationship as "there were times when I felt it was all just too much." But she insulted her analyst after he dared to ask her a"particularly difficult question."

In the new interview, Miller also denies she dated Law as a career move.

"I was never desperate to be famous, which I know sounds probably like a lie, but it is, in my case, very true," she said. "I fell in love with someone very famous, and that's beyond control. But it was a beautiful period."

Until he cheated on her with their nanny, we presume. From there, the relationship went downhill faster than a Jessica Simpson performance in honor of Dolly Parton.


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