Sienna Miller Denies Temper Tantrum in Pittsburgh Pub

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The somewhat famous, probably-not-monogamous, seemingly bitter Sienna Miller is denying a recent report that she threw a nasty temper tantrum at a Pittsburgh bar when bouncers refused to let her in without ID.

Penny Folino, the owner of Young's Tavern, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that after bouncers turned her away, the 24-year-old actress "ripped off her hat and said, 'I am Sienna Miller. I am a famous actress!' That's what she did. She was basically throwing a temper tantrum."

Bouncer Dan Kovac says that Miller, who was with her father and stepmother, then snuck into the bar through a different entrance. He approached the group and escorted them out.

"She was going crazy out there, stomping her feet, walking up and down the street," Kovac said.

Miller disputes the account.

"These people are utter fantasists. We have 10 witnesses, including local Pittsburgh people, who can vouch that Sienna never reacted this way and left the bar quietly. It is utter rubbish," her rep tells People.

Miller, who is in town filming The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, and who was lambasted by Bill Simmons and others after she bashed her hometown recently, issued a statement denying she acted in an inappropriate manner.

"I was asked to provide ID and since I didn't have any with me, I was told I couldn't be served and asked to leave. I had no problem with this and my family and I left calmly without any further exchange of words," Miller said, declining to comment on whether any of the Steel City's blue-collar passers-by have been ogling her.

The actress's father, Edwin Miller, also issued a statement saying that after the bouncer asked the actress to leave "several of our friends spoke to him and I introduced myself, asking if there was a way to solve the problem. He stated: 'She has ignored me since we arrived and if she'd been a little more pleasant, maybe I would agree, but there is no way now.' I can categorically state that at no time did Sienna Miller engage in conversation with this person."

At times like this, T.H. Gossip can only wonder, what would Jude Law think -- and is he up in the nanny again right about now?

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