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How can T.H. Gossip tell that the nude Sienna Miller sex scene in the upcoming movie Factory Girl is going to be really awesome?

She’s worried what her father’s going to think about it.

Nevertheless, despite her fears of what the old man might think, Sienna Miller is defending the graphic scene on it’s artistic merits.

In other words, this is a movie, not a stupid Dustin Diamond sex tape.

“We wanted to make it realistic and I watched it thinking, ‘Oh my God, my dad’s going to see it!’ And that was going through my head. But it was relevant to the story in that it’s a movie about the 1960s, and sex and drugs and rock and roll were a big part of that.

“We didn’t want to hold back because it is a real film and it is a gritty film and there was a lot of shocking things and it wouldn’t fit in the film if we had an unrealistic sex scene. It was always a bit uncomfortable but I think it was relevant to the story.”

It helps that Sienna is no stranger to sex. But usually it’s Jude Law that has it with the nanny while Miller plays the scorned one. Although Miller gets that, seeing that all humans are basically f*%king animals anyways.

Regardless, this scene must contain some serious bumping of uglies if Sienna’s worried her father won’t approve. What could it entail? Some girl on girl action maybe? A lengthy crotch shot accompanied by a dearth of memorable ’60s rock hits?

Who knows. One thing is for certain, though — THIS GUY HERE will be loving it!