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Nicole Richie might not know which way to drive on a Southern California freeway, but at least she didn’t forget how to fill up her gas-guzzling, enviornment-raping SUV.

Which counts for something. After all, some celebrities, like Oprah Winfrey, might be trying to save the world, but can’t even fuel up their own cars! Then we have Kevin Federline, who only knows how because he will be working at a gas station before long. Or Paris Hilton, who’s shown she can operate the pump, but much prefers getting pumped.

By many, many guys.

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In any event, here are pics of Nicole filling up below:

Note that Richie ignored warnings of explosive hazards by talking on her cell phone while pumping gas. Just tack that on to everything else that stemmed from her DUI arrest and please, take her driver’s license away. Joel Madden had better hope the prison she gets banished to has conjugal visits.

The fashion police surely have something to say about her too. Will you look at this ridiculous getup? This isn’t quite as bad as Mary-Kate Olsen and her hobo lumberjack style, but come on, Nicole. Invest in a mirror, for crying out loud.

The last time we checked, horseback riding gear has never been in style – and the only riding she’ll be doing soon is in the back of a squad car, anyway.