Kate Middleton to Press: Stop or I'll Sue

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While Britney Spears poses and preens for the paparazzi, other celebrities try to avoid the spotlight.

Take Kate Middleton, for example. Her lawyers have issued a final warning to the UK press: Stop photographing Middleton or face possible legal action.

Middleton's lawyers Harbottle & Lewis have resorted to secretly filming the paparazzi's pursuit of Middleton, according to a letter sent to the Press Complaints Commission.

Kate, Will, Elizabeth

The video footage would ostensibly support possible legal claims of harassment down the road against the long-time girlfriend of Prince William.

"This letter is a final warning," a PCC spokesman said. "It's an indication to all the editors that Miss Middleton's lawyers have evidence of harassment. Every newspaper editor will now receive a copy of that letter."

The royal family is said to be concerned for Middleton's safety, given the late Princess Diana's battles with the paparazzi throughout her life. It's a lesson attention-starved waifs such as Lindsay Lohan should also consider.

Middleton's lawyer Gerard Tyrrell wrote to the PCC:

"As I have consistently made clear to both magazine and newspaper editors over the past nine months, my client strongly objects to having her photograph taken in a public place while going about her private business."

That's something Jessica Simpson probably agrees with after being seen looking less than sober on New Year's Eve.

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