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It’s been a tough year for Mischa Barton.

She was killed off The OC, which is now creeping back to respectability after her departure. Ouch. Moreover, she lost about 15 more pounds in addition to her primary acting job. All that’s left of her is a gaunt, skeletal frame.

We’re talking Nicole Richie style.

Mischa Barton on The Hills

But at least she has a man… not that she seems excited about that. For someone who’s been dating the same guy for awhile now, Barton looks a tad apprehensive about being spotted in public with her dirtbag beau, Cisco Adler.

It’s like she’s nervous, just hoping no one sees how hard she’s slumming it these days.

Bet her friends don’t even know he exists.

As Chris Rock once said, “If you’ve been dating a girl for four months, and you haven’t met any of her friends, you are not her boyfriend.”

Not that we blame Mischa. You gotta take some action where you can get it, and this guy is like a cross between Brandon Davis and Kevin Federline. We’re talking straight-up grease ball. Note to the Cisco kid – enjoy all the nude Mischa Barton you can get before she casts you aside for someone she’s not ashamed of.