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Kevin Federline is rumored to be threatening estranged wife Britney Spears that he will release a tell-all book about their marriage if she doesn’t pay him a divorce settlement he thinks is appropriate.

We doubt this is true, for three reasons:

K. Fed as a Dad
  1. We already know K-Fed sucks and Britney is a total train wreck, so what could said book possibly contain that would be so shocking? Britney on meth?
  2. Kevin, if you recall from last month, was also reportedly shopping around a filthy Britney Spears sex tape that turned out not to exist (much to the disappointment of David Hans Schmidt).
  3. Jason Alexander is also reportedly writing a tell-all book about his marriage to Britney, so if K-Fed followed suit, he would not only be a loser, he’d be an unoriginal loser.

In any case, Fed-Ex continues to rise in the court of public opinion. Yes, you read that right. He recently took his children with ex Shar Jackson, Kori (pictured) and Kaleb, to Disneyland for a day and night of fun.

Making sure the Happiest Place on Earth was also one of the safest, Kevin was accompanied by six friends and numerous Disney Security throughout the night.


Wow. No one at T.H. Gossip is about to anoint Kevin Federline as a model citizen, but while he’s spending time with his kids with Shar and getting his new place ready for Sean P. and Jayden James, Britney is out giving us one crotch shot and nipple shot after another.

We hate defending Kevin, but those are the facts.