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Britney Spears may be in for a rough ride and an ugly lesson in attempt to divorce that bastard husband of hers.

Federline has no interest in getting custody of the couple’s two children, Sean Preston and Jayden James. Sure, he’s asking for custody, but it’s all a thinly veiled attempt to extort money from Spears. He could not care less about the kids. He’ll just go have some more with some other chick. Give it a year or two. K-Fed probably doesn’t even want Jayden James pictures.

Prior to tying the not with that deadbeat, Spears enjoyed a reputation as a sweet girl with a wild streak. Clearly, some of that wildness spilled over into their marriage, and rumors are flying that K-Fed is threatening to air some of her dirty laundry (such as the alleged Britney Spears sex tape) if she doesn’t pay up.

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Thanks to her prenup, a vengeful K-Fed will get less than $250,000 in spousal support and his $2.5 million share of their Malibu mansion and that’s that. So how would Fed-Ex really cash in on Britney’s fortune? Telling the judge about some things in Brit’s past that may reflect poorly on her mothering skills. Of course, for X million bucks, he’ll kindly drop it.

Yes, this legal form of blackmail may earn Kevin Federline many millions more than he deserves. Of course, he will probably blow it all on tricked-out cars, baggy jeans, gold chains and child support payments to his other kids with Shar Jackson in a couple of years. So there’s some solace in that, at least.

Ever since news of the Britney Spears divorce broke, the singer has clearly done her best to forget the K-Hole. She’s continuing to show off her single look, letting her hair down and taking to the streets of Las Vegas. Friday, the singer was accompanied by former manager Larry Rudolph (bottom, left). She also found time, as we previously reported, to hang with Mario Lopez. And she even won $10,000 gambling.

On Saturday, Brit made a new celebrity friend: Paris Hilton. The singer and the heiress enjoyed some high-stakes gambling and went on a spree to Ceasars Palace.

The wild pair partied into the night, dancing and laughing, and of course, making out like bi-curious sorority girls and chain-smoking (left).

The partying pair (bottom, right) landed at club Tryst in the Wynn hotel, where Brit was spotted getting down and dirty on the dance floor to several of Paris‘ songs. In fact, things got so heated in the club that Britney ditched her pants – really – prancing around the club in nothing but a button-down shirt, tie and pair of fishnet stockings.

No word on whether Shanna Moakler will now wish death upon Britney Spears by association (or if Nicole Richie became so jealous at the sight of Paris and Brit having a grand ol’ time, she couldn’t help but vomit). But one thing’s for damn sure: it’s great to have Spears single again, and we can’t wait to see what transpires next.