Stephen Baldwin Claims to Have Inspired "Jackass"

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B-list actor, Jesus freak and Baldwin brother Stephen Baldwin claimed on a recent flight from New York to Washington, D.C., that he and a friend were the inspiration for Jackass - and proved he deserves the label by annoying other passengers with tales of his adolescent and young adult antics.

Before he became a born-again Christian and denounced the likes of Tom Cruise (not that we blame S-Bald for bashing Scientology), Baldwin and his buddy swapped stories of their days spent raising hell, getting plastered and latching on to car bumpers in snowy parking lots on Long Island.

According to the New York Post's Page Six, Baldwin's buddy was overheard screaming and shouting that "Johnny Knoxville got rich by ripping our sh!t! off!"

A spy from the paper said that Baldwin and his pal were living it up and shooting the $h!t like a couple of frat-boy, beer-drinking rowdies. Which is ironic, since Baldwin doesn't imbibe. The other folks on board were less enthused.

"They should have been holding beers and standing on a street corner the way they were carrying on," a witness said.

Maybe Stephen should stick to praying for the souls of others. Like Daniel Baldwin, that car thief. Or Alec Baldwin, that funny, Saddam Hussein-like tyrant who won't even use condoms.

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