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Look outside, Scarlett Johansson. Wondering where all those men came from?

When you’re deemed the Sexiest Woman Alive, and then you state that you don’t fully believe in monogamy, well, guys are gonna be lining up to talk more about such a stance.

Scarlett Johansson on Screen

In the new issue of Allure, the actress says she’s usually a loyal companion, but that’s far from her natural instinct.

“When I’m in a relationship, I’m in a relationship. [My boyfriend, Josh Hartnett] is very sweet,” she said. “He’s a good boy. A great person. I’m very lucky and I’m very happy. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not promiscuous. “

Was that popular belief? Is Scarlett confusing herself with Paris Hilton again?

The Black Dahlia star goes on to say that even though she’s a big fan of going with biological urges, she’s not in getting down and dirty with every male she meets – for personal AND safety reasons.

“There does seem to be a mistaken belief out there that I am sexually available somehow, which is not to say that I’m not open-minded about sex. Yet I wouldn’t say I’m a serial monogamist, either. I mean, I went through periods of time when I was, ah, single. I do think on some basic level we are animals, and by instinct we kind of breed accordingly.”

What, is Johansson reading from the Sienna Miller playbook? Animals don’t possess reason and emotion, you seemingly wanna-be skanks.

“I get tested for HIV twice a year … one has to be socially aware,” Scarlett went on. “It’s part of being a decent human, to be tested for STDs. It’s just disgusting behavior when people don’t. It’s just so irresponsible.”

We can’t entirely argue with that. Unless you’re in a committed relationship and, you know, trust one another. Does Johansson fear Hartnett is gonna pull a Bobby Brown?

Or maybe she wants to pull a Jessica Simpson? Bam is waiting for your call, Scar.