Most Influential Celebrity is ... Kate Moss?

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If influential means sending your boyfriend to rehab and then making out with him there, then Kate Moss does deserve the recognition she recentlty received.

But we're still surprised by the result.

Kate Moss at Ivy

British experts have named the supermodel as the most influential celebrity in the world, beating out favorites such as Madonna and the pairing known as Brangelina.

Insiders - with way too much time on their hands - analyzed how many times a star is mentioned in the media, magazine covers, and entries on (and, probably) to come up with the power list.

The Material Girl finishe d second, while, soccer stud David Beckham took home the bronze.

Angelina edged out her real-life paramour, Brad Pitt, by one spot to come in at number-five.

While Moss may have more promotional campaigns than she can count and a personal style that is often emulated by women around the world, she's also a recovering cocaine addict. We sort of hope that hasn't influenced anyone.

Although it could be too late for Ashlee Simpson.

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