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And you thought it was scary to see Victoria Beckham’s boobs!

Prepare yourself to hear Rosie O’Donnell touch upon her own breast baring experience recently, as well as a number of other topics in an interview with TV Guide.

Rosie at Premiere
(Getty Images for Showtime)

TV Guide: What is it like to be back in the limelight with The View and now on Nip/Tuck?
O’Donnell: It is definitely an adjustment.

TV Guide: How has it been for the kids?
O’Donnell: It is not so much an adjustment for them because they go to a school that does not allow [them to watch] TV. But it was definitely a shift in energy for me once I became available for consumption again.

TV Guide: How’s it going at The View?
O’Donnell: It has been a great few weeks. Everyone was nervous — including me — and wondering how it would be. It is very hard to come into an ensemble in the 10th season. But I think it’s working. I used to be obsessed with who was on my show and what the ratings were, what the competitors were doing. Now I don’t look.

TV Guide: That’s interesting. You don’t feel as competitive?
O’Donnell: No, and I don’t feel that there is anything necessarily to win. I just think it is a great opportunity to have fun and to have a place where you can discuss ideas that matter to people. There are fewer places where you can speak freely. Live TV is [one of] the only places you can say things and not edit yourself.

TV Guide: Not editing yourself is a big deal for you. Is it true your partner, Kelli, said she was afraid you would be overpowering on The View?
O’Donnell: I was told that 68 percent of the people said that they thought I was going to be bossy. And Kelli said, “They’re right.” The reason I do not watch myself on things where I am being myself and not acting is that I find myself annoying. I find my voice grating. I think, “I would not enjoy her if I were a fan.”

TV Guide: On [the Oct. 3] Nip/Tuck you guest-star as an ex—New Yorker who’s living in a Florida trailer park and wins the Powerball. How did the role come about?
O’Donnell: I had never seen Nip/Tuck. But Kelli and I watched the first two seasons on DVD back-to-back in five days. I said, “This is the best show on TV. How come I’ve never heard of it?” So I called my agent and said, “Do you think there is any way they would ever be interested in me?”

TV Guide: Nip/Tuck is about the effects of plastic surgery. Have you ever had any plastic surgery?
O’Donnell: I had a mini neck thing done when I was on my show and my son Parker was a baby. They kept saying to me, “What are we going to do about your neck? Or your fat?” But it was a same-day thing, so I don’t know if that is even considered plastic surgery. I do not know if I would do it again, though, because I am not the kind of actress who gets parts based on my physical appearance.

** THG note: Neither is Ashlee Simpson.
TV Guide: Do you identify with Dawn Budge, your character?
O’Donnell: Totally. I said to Ryan, “It is too easy. I do not have to act! And I have to come in and be myself with that gorgeous man? My lord in heaven!”

TV Guide: You mean Julian McMahon?
O’Donnell: He is charisma personified, and he is unbearably sexy. He is McDreamy in every capacity.

TV Guide: In the episode, you and Julian have a sex scene that is absolutely hilarious. Was it fun to film?
O’Donnell: I had on this tube-top-type thing, and these short shorts, and they drape me so I am not embarrassed. And he comes in and all he has on is a sock covering his penis. He is totally naked. And he says, “Are you ready?”

TV Guide: What did you say?!
O’Donnell: [Laughs] I didn’t even remember doing this, but apparently I said, “Oh, my god! You look like Superman.” He looks like he is carved out of stone. We did a couple of takes and my boobs were showing and finally I just said, “Screw it.” And took my shirt off.

TV Guide: Did Kelli get jealous?
O’Donnell: No, she was there, and she loved it!