Another Charitable Rocker: Bon Jovi to Renovate Homes

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It must be Celebrities Take Up Good Causes Season or something.

First, Jessica Biel and Eva Longoria auctioned themselves off as dates for charitable reasons.

Then, Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger decided their outfits from Brokeback Mountain could serve the needy.

J. Bon Jovi

From there, we just wrote about Shakira - and it wasn't solely to pay homage to her hips (her amazing, amazing hips). She's helping to build a school.

And there's still more! Yesterday, Jon Bon Jovi announced an effort to renovate 15 rundown houses in Philadelphia's blighted north side.

With Bill Clinton by his side, singer introduced the Phase V Homeownership Project before a crowd of about 350 people in Philadelphia.

The effort is sponsored by Bon Jovi's Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation and the Saturn car company, working in conjunction with Project HOME and Habitat for Humanity â€" and Bon Jovi said Clinton was on board as well.

The former president, 60, "was intrigued enough that he offered his services, and said, 'If I can help you in any way, don't hesitate.' And we didn't," Bon Jovi told the Associated Press.

This certainly isn't the only good cause Bon Jovi assists with. His fashion lines also helps the poor.

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