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Today is the day, fans of The View: Rosie O’Donnell sits down with the ladies for the first time as a co-host.

But is trouble already brewing between the former Queen of Nice and Barbara Walters?

“I didn’t like the blog,” Walters told Newsweek, referencing an online post in which O’Donnell complained about a promotional skit for the new season.

“I saw the new view promos,” O’Donnell had written on her website. “Found myself/ in the position/ I loathe the most/ powerless.”

Rosie at Premiere
(Getty Images for Showtime)

The Gossip can’t say it approves of the haiku, either. It makes Rosie harder to understand than the father of Beyonce.

Walters is simply hoping O’Donnell will be a team player.

“I’m counting on Rosie’s intelligence and sensitivity and humor,” Babs said. “This is, after all, an entertainment show. It is based on people who like each other and are having a good time, not on people who are arguing and unhappy.”

O’Donnell, in her defense, says she has no hard feelings toward former co-host Star Jones Reynolds — although she admits she’d refused to be a guest on The View when Reynolds was there.

The differences started, O’Donnell says, when “we had a little sort of discussion when Martha Stewart was in prison, when I questioned why it is women don’t stick up for each other the way other minorities do, such as O. J. Simpson being accused of murder still had the support of the majority of the black community.”

Rosie and Star didn’t agree on the issue, but the former insists she played no part in the latter’s firing. Meanwhile, Meredith Viera took a harsh look at her former show last week.

It all leaves us wondering: When did The View become the most controversial show on television?!? Well, until segregated Survivor premieres next week.