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Where do you go as an emerging rap artist when you want to get your a$$ some serious street cred?

Everyone knows that a playa just gots to hit up tha Tonight Show wit Jay Leno, yo!

Which is exactly what K-Fed did (or thought he was doing) last night when he performed on The Tonight Show to promote his upcoming world tour, which kicks off November 4 in New York.

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Hitting outlets like Leno and the Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards, Kevin Federline is clearly going straight to the streets with his new album.

And, of course, with lyrics like the ones we’ve posted below, K-Fed is without a doubt the hardscrabble ghetto poet of the new millennium. Peep it:

Kicks on my feet

That you ain’t never seen

Lights on my wrist

Stones in my ears

$2 million I brought in the new year

I’m rich but I hustle like I’m broke

Never knowing what the pancake man gonna flip.

Not only lyrically brilliant, but inspiring, really. We can’t wait until the tour is in full swing and we can all revel in the greatness of the man Britney Spears somehow decided it was a good idea to marry.