K-Fed Nixes Awful Track From Album; "Crazy" Duet With Britney is its Replacement

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F--k the penny... the amazing Kevin Federline is making good on his promise to do more charity work in a far more important way: by nixing one song, "PopoZao," from his upcoming debut CD Playing With Fire.

According to MSNBC, the song is being replaced by a duet with wife Britney Spears called "Crazy." This is not to be confused with the hit "Crazy" from one of Britney's first two albums. We can't recall which CD it's on, but we sure can recall how insanely hot Britney was in those days. *Sigh*

Victoria and K-Fed

Mrs. Federline's husband's awful album is slated to hit shelves (and subsequently, trash bins) on Halloween.

Why did he cut "PopoZao" from Playing With Fire, you ask? Okay, you didn't ask, but we will tell you just the same. He first terrorized the Internet in January with clips from the song, which features lyrics such as: "Toy all your thing on me, baby."

Billboard magazine crowned the tune a "monument to mediocrity." Even one rapper who bragged that he wrote many of K-Fed's lyrics is jumping ship.

When asked about "PopoZao," the artist told the New York Daily News succinctly, "I didn't have nothing to do with that [song], dog."

We wouldn't want anything to do with K-Fed either. Dog. Too bad little Sutton Pierce doesn't exactly have a choice.

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