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Perhaps you have seen Kevin Federline in all his deadbeat, talentless glory and thought to yourself, “Man, what the f*%k is Britney Spears thinking? What I would not give to body slam the living $h!t out of that assclown!”

Well, tonight, WWE champ John Cena will live out your fantasy — as somehow predicted by sage sports columnist Bill Simmons earlier this fall.

During a taped episode of Monday Night RAW in Los Angeles, Federline made a surprise appearance in the ring and received a chorus of boos from a sold-out Staples Center crowd.

K. Fed as a Dad

After an argument between K-Fed and Cena got physical, Cena decided it was time to “Lose Control” and unleash his signature move — the F-U slam — on Mr. Spears.

K-Fed, sporting his traditional white t-shirt and jeans, makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos — and meets John Cena when he gets there.

Also, Jackass star Steve-O takes a turn in the ring, but things don’t go well for him, either. No Bam Margera sightings, sadly.

John Cena, you have acted on the wishes of millions by beating the snot out of Kevin Federline. And for that, we salute you.