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Who wants to be the next Samuel Plouchart?

You know, the random guy that some famous girl dates and has his name in the news for a couple weeks. Harry Morton had the honor for awhile – and where is he now?

Yeah. We have no idea.

But we do know who this Joe Schmo might be dating while enjoying his 15 minutes in the spotlight: Mischa Barton.

The former star of The OC revealed recently that she’s just looking for a regular guy:

“I have dated actors and I have to say it’s a very odd experience,” Barton said.

“It’s a little unsettling to be with someone who cares about how they look as much as you do.”

Come on,, Mischa, is that possible for you? Pretty boy, David Beckham, doesn’t care at all about how he looks compared to you.

If that’s your only critera, the dating pool remains wide open. But don’t count on Brody Jenner jumping in any time soon. He’s spoken for now.