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Clips from the Screech sex tape, widely known as Saved by the Smell, and brought to us courtesy of celeb sleuths, has been burning up the Internet. We’ve already seen excerpts featuring star Dustin Diamond, and now, TMZ has done it again and obtained footage of the supporting cast.

David Hans Schmidt, the dirty, dirty agent who’s now selling the rights to the tape, says the two women are from the Midwest and in their early 20s.

One is blond, while the other is a rather striking brunette. Wow, Screech, we never knew you had it in you back at Bayside High School.

In its exclusive preview, TMZ has altered the hoes’ voices. The tape was reportedly shot in a Midwest hotel suite — complete with hot tub and champagne — earlier this year.

Schmidt is scheduled to appear on Howard Stern’s radio show next week, and will narrate the play-by-play scenes, from the opening credits up to the infamous “Dirty Sanchez.”

After the appearance with Stern, Schmidt will appear live with MSNBC’s Rita Cosby and debate Diamond (a.k.a. Screech) live on her show. However, it is unclear what the former Saved by the Bell star will be debating. His technique? Do we event want to know?

Schmidt tells TMZ the tape will be available soon for $49.95 though a major distributor.

The tape is already causing a media ruckus, inspiring a parody of the video on the season premiere or SNL as well as The Tonight Show.

Speculation is swirling that the Dustin Diamond sex tape was released with full knowledge of He Who Dealt the Dirty Sanchez as a publicity stunt — regardless of what the actor and comedian claims. Regardless, we’ll keep you updated as more info is made available.