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At least we hope she’s pregnant. For her sake.

Otherwise, she’s getting kinda fat. Gross! Of course, we would really prefer that to her going Nicole Richie on us, so I guess we shouldn’t complain.

In any event, the wonderful Tori Spelling has been wearing some big tops and has been showing a rather prominent bump for the past couple of weeks, so there’s a good chance she’s pregnant. She has also reportedly registered for a bunch of high-end baby items at chic Petit Tresor.

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If she hadn’t gotten the shaft from her mother over her dad’s estate, maybe she would actually be able to afford them. Oh well. This just goes to show how unlikely it is that Tori will come to terms with her financial situation any time soon.

Spelling did buy a used bike and told photographers about that, however. It is not likely that Tori is scrimping on a regular basis, but it’s not like we’ve seen her going into pawn shops or payday loan stores.

Plus, if she gets desperate, she can always rent the bicycle hourly to L.A.-area youths. Like Lindsay Lohan, everyone would get to ride that thing!

Thankfully, Tori doesn’t have to rely solely on the cash she gets from tipping off photographers whenever she shops. She landed a guest gig as a gossip columnist villain on Smallville this season.

Sounds like the perfect TV role for someone of Spelling‘s pedigree.