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Rocker Pete Doherty is out of his (reportedly) successful stint at court-ordered rehab, and the British tabloids are already buzzing that the crazy recovering drug addict is going to marry his supermodel fiancee, Kate Moss, in the very near future.

We’ve heard this story before, with Pete bragging to some of his pals that he was going to marry Kate, his on-again, off-again girlfriend/fiancee, during one of their prior reconciliations.

Then, Kate and Pete were supposedly planning a wedding in Ibiza last month when one of Pete’s many drug arrests forced the sad postponement of their nuptuals. Apparently he was detained by cops and couldn’t make it.

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But the two seem to be doing well, even if the strict supervision at Pete’s rehab clinic prevented them from doing each other. Hey, dry humping is better than nothing. Just ask pre-teens across the globe.

In other Mosserty news, several sources report that the couple wants to move to America, and are considering buying a place in New Jersey!

That figures. Only these coked-up lunatics would think that the Garden State is a nice place to live. Just kidding, Bruce Springsteen and Zach Braff!