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Despite earlier reports by The Gossip that Tori Spelling (left) would inherit a nice chunk of her father’s $500 million estate, now it’s looking like a much smaller chunk. If you can even call it a chunk. Which we are not sure you can, as she’s getting less than one-fifth of one percent. That’s not a lot at all.

We are talking about 0.16 percent of the Aaron Spelling fortune.

Tori’s share will be a cash inheritance payment of $200,000, combined with approximately $600,000 in private investments her dad set up for her. That constitutes a pretty big brush-off from the TV magnate, who would never have intended to hit his only daughter with, a family source said. One might even say that Aaron Spelling is rolling in his grave right now.

Tori Spelling in 2021

Instead, it seems like a move that Tori’s mother, Candy, who happens to be sole managing executor of the estate, conspired in a cruel, heartless act of revenge against her estranged daughter.

Many questions remain.

How much of the cash will Tori’s brother, Randy, inherit? Why are Candy’s interior decorator and manicurist in the will? Why were Brandon Walsh and Steve Sanders (right) snubbed after more than a decade of good times, helpful advice and platonic friendship? We may never know.