Lawsuit Settled over Dr. Phil Pills

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You know the basic mantra of Dr. Phil, right? It's all your fault! Take responsibility! Cry him a frickin river!

Well, according to a recently settled lawsuit, the failure of certain diet pills to get the job done is all Dr. Phil's fault. So there!

Dr. Phil and Jordan McGraw

The better-be-grateful-to-Oprah good doctor has agreed to pay $10.8 million to settle a class action lawsuit filed by people who didn't like his Shape Up! diet products. The supplements and meal replacements are no longer being sold, as the people who bought them accused the defendants, including Dr. Phil, of making false claims about their efficacy.

They seem to have done wonders for Kate Bosworth, however.

McGraw's name and image appeared on the products. To satisfy the plaintiffs, Dr. Phil and his fellow defendants will be setting up a fund in which the plaintiffs can choose between Nutrilite vitamins or a whopping $12.50 in cash. Of course, Dr. Phil won't end up paying a cent of his own money, as his insurance will cover whatever he has to pay.

Nevertheless, this goes to show that Oprah doesn't know everything about weight loss or those who claim to inspire it. She is an expert at not being gay, however.


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Dr. Phil and Jordan McGraw
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