ESPN Radio Smells What The Rock is Cooking

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The Rock was on ESPN Radio today, talking about his latest film, Gridiron Gang, along with a few other topics. Let's smell what he was cooking, shall we?

Dwayne Johnson, Shirtless

- As far as wrestling in the WWE was concerned, the actor said it provided a platform for performing in front of an audience every week.

- He doesn't wanna be pigeon holed into action films and said that he's finally erased the stigma of just being a big jock trying to act. Hey, maybe someday Mel Gibson won't be pigeon holed as a raving, Jew-hating lunatic.

- The Rock went on to describe Gridiron Gang, saying that the project was lingering for around 15 years and turned down by multiple actors.

- His tattoo is a Polynesian tattoo that talks about his life, trials, successes, and failures. The host and ex-wrestler laughed at the barbed wire design and discussed how tattoos used to mean something.

Then Lindsay Lohan got a few.