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Lindsay Lohan is out of the hospital. We know, we’re as bummed out about this fact as you are.

Fortunately, the exhausted waste of breasts is not out of the news. The night owl slimy, annoying snake and her man of the moment, Harry Morton, got tattoos at an L.A. parlor during a 3 a.m. visit last week.

What sort of ink did Lohan receive? Sadly, not the fatal kind. Instead, she had a tiny white heart inscribed between her thumb and index finger on her left hand, according to Page Six. We assume this was so the actress could literally crush a heart whenever she chose to. Don’t say you weren’t warned, Harry.

Lindsay and Bader Image

Morton also scarred himself for life. He’s now sporting a cross tattoo, although the location was unspecified. At least he knows how necessary praying is when Lohan is in your life.

Overall, this is Lohan’s fourth tatto. The others are:

  1. The word “Breathe” on her right wrist: Reminders are required during all Lohan specials.
  2. A small star inside her left wrist: She’d have gotten a larger one, but her body weight couldn’t support it.
  3. The phrase “La Bella Vita” on her lower back: Loosely translated to mean, “The gross ho bag.”