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Fans may need to get images of The Rock dominating a wrestling ring out of their heads soon.

The star of the upcoming movie, Gridiron Gang, hasn’t appeared in the WWE in years. Instead, he’s been starring on the big screen and taking on charitable causes.

Sort of like the opposite of Paris Hilton.

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Most recently, The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson) surprised middle-schoolers in San Jose as part of the After-School All-Stars program. The actor arrived at San Jose’s Camera 12 cinemas for a special preview of the film, to the delight of kids in attendance.

Johnson is the national spokesman for After-School All-Stars, which has provided activities for at-risk youth since Arnold Schwarzenegger founded it in 1992.

In regard to Gridiron Gang, Johnson/The Rock said the movie – about a juvenile probation officer who turns a group of troubled teens into a high school football team – has many messages:

“Number-one, there’s no substitute for hard work.”

Again, are you listening, Paris? Lindsay? Kristin Cavallari? K-Fed? Half the people we write about?