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Pop quiz, home making hot shot: You’re feuding with Donald Trump and Rachael Ray … you’re a former convict … and you have man-like hands.

What do you do to return to prominence?!?

You make a request for Eminem to appear on your television show, of course.

Eminem AA Chip

So goes the thinking of Martha Stewart; not because Slim Shady can knit or bake brownies – but because audience members love his music.

“We play his music during breaks to keep people very lively and they love him,” Stewart told AP Radio in a recent interview.

“I would really love to have Eminem on the show,” the 65-year-old lifestyle guru continued. “I don’t think he knows that my demographic audience is so involved in Eminem music.”

We don’t think anyone did. What would 50 Cent say if his mentor appeared on a cooking program?

As for Stewart, she hopes Eminem can teach her a thing or two about music.

“I can’t pick up a guitar and play a fantastic song. … I cannot sit down at a piano and do that,” she said. “I’m happy about my knowledge in so many different subjects relating to living, but in terms of specifics, I don’t know if I’d be really very good on `The Young and the Restless.'”

We’re not sure what that means, either. Is “Young and Restless” the excuse Jessica Simpson is using for cheating on Nick Lachey with Bam Margera?