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Any fan of The Colbert Report doesn’t wanna be put “On Notice.” This is the big board host Stephen Colbert uses to warn people, animals and inanimate objects of the dangerous line they’re walking in pissing him off.

Not surprisingly, a recent edition of the board has listed many favorites enemies of The Gossip as prime targets. Let’s take a look:

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No real shockers here, people. Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have to be explained any further. She should really be on the “Drop Dead from a Venereal Disease” board. But let’s examine a few other selections quickly:

  • Poor Sean P. The helpless tyke is a victim of his fashion backwards parents and really needs our help.
  • We don’t mean to single you out, loyal fans of The OC – after all, there are many abysmal shows on TV these days – but give it up already. Life in Newport stopped being entertaining two years ago.
  • At first, it was merely Michael Jackson’s insane ex-wife that needed payday loans. But now it looks like his parents could benefit from these financial resources, as well. It’s sad.
  • Finally, look Meredith Grey, just choose McDreamy already. We all know you will. Stop leading Finn on.