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Being the mother or father of Michael Jackson would be difficult under any circumstances. Throw possible foreclosure into the picture, however, and we’re not sure how the Jackos cope.

The beleaguered King of Crazy Pop has received yet another notice of pending default on the $7 million home where Joe and Katherine Jackson live after he missed recent mortgage payments.

According to FOX News’ Roger Friedman, Jacko was once again late paying the bill on his parents’ Encino, Calif. home (known as “Hayvenhurst,;” why do the Jacksons all name their abodes?). Therefore, authorities went to the house and placed a foreclosure notice on the front gates, as Jackson is preparing for a move to Europe.

Best Dancer Ever?
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In the past, Janet Jackson bailed her brother when their folks’ house was in jeopardy – but this time, it appears the screwed up man himself got the payments in on time. Just barely. But still legally.

You know, unlike the way he touches little boys.