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Uh-oh. The Emmy Award gloves are coming off!

Host Conan O’Brien was recently quoted as chiding ABC for not supporting its own, heavily nominated show. See, Grey’s Anatomy is up for 11 awards and the late night talk show host seems to think its network should, therefore, encourage viewers to watch the Emmy broadcast. Even though it’s on NBC.

Instead, the folks at the American Broadcasting Corporation are showing Pirates of the Caribbean in a counter-programming move.

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“It just isn’t done,” O’Brien said of the aggressive scheduling. “ABC is pretty much saying, ‘No one watch the Emmys! Screw you, Grey’s Anatomy!'”

Scheduling a movie to garner ratings for your network isn’t done, Conan? The Gossip doesn’t see a reason why ABC would actually want viewers to tune in to the Emmys – they just hope Grey’s Anatomy rakes in the awards and then the channel can market the heck out of that fact.

Plus, the Emmys did completely snub Desperate Housewives and Lost, so ABC has legitimate reasons for taking aim at the show’s ratings.