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Every time we believe that the adventures of Britney Spears and her aspiring rap star husband, Kevin Federline, cannot get any weirder, the bar is somehow raised yet again.

Try and wrap your brain around this one. The Gossip has learned from the celebrity stalkers at the New York Post that, during Federline’s recent trip to Vegas to shoot his upcoming music disgrace video, his mother was spotted partying in a VIP sky box at Tao Las Vegas.

With Ron Jeremy.

The Hollywood Gossip

While K-Fed and wife Brit dined downstairs, the original Mrs. Federline reportedly partied with porn star Jeremy upstairs at the club. Ron had no comment on whether he thinks Tori Spelling enjoys his work, or would like to star in an X-rated flick. Probably because no one asked.

No one seems to know where Jeremy and the woman who brought Federline into this cruel world met, or why they were hanging out, or what transpired during their interaction. But we are confident saying that it’s funny enough as is.