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Britney Spears is going through some hard times these days, and is being bashed by just about everyone. But this one surprised even the Gossip.

A new hip-hop/reggae song entitled “Black Princess” is creating quite a stir on the Internet. It refers to the pregnant Britney as ugly, as opposed to India Arie, who is apparently so sweet and lovely.

Sure, her life is a bit of a train wreck and her husband leaves something to be desired… but to step up and make a statement like that seems a bit off base. Here’s how Bookman, the “artist” behind “Black Princess,” has explained the reason why he is so anti-Britney:

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“I was just watching VH1 most beautiful people and I was not seeing any of the women that I consider beautiful such as Venus Williams and India Arie. Then they showed Britney Spears and I almost fell out my chair, because I thought there is no way Britney is as beautiful or talented as India Arie, so I just came up with the song right there,” he said.

Bookman’s song is either really good, or really controversial — it’s one of the most downloaded from iTunes and Yahoo music services as of now, and is generating a lot of buzz, in the form of both praise and criticism. Any publicity is good publicity, they say — and Britney isn’t the only star the song mentions in unflattering terms. Kobe Bryant, Charles Barley, Tiger Woods, O.J. Simpson and Anna Kournikova are also referenced.

The Gossip has done some digging and uncovered the full lyrics to the song. Here are the official lyrics to “Black Princess,” by Bookman:

Man a Kunta Kinte, don’t call me Toby

You can’t accuse me of raping white girls like Kobe

India Arie, you are so sweet and lovely

I want you to kiss and hug me

Britney Spears you are ugly.


What would I do without my Black Princess

I would live celibate, I would die celibate

Cause all the girls I met

And all the girls I sex

There was none like my African Princess (twice)

To chase white women that’s not me bra

I might marry one to get my visa

But I wont turn white woman breeder

Cause I don’t want my child to be no zebra

That’s why I wont catch no Jungle fever

And I don’t want no girl that looks like Reba

She must be cute like the Queen of Sheba

She must be fit to be an African leader

And in Jah she must be a believer

In Jah she must be a beliver


I was chillin at my job where I met a blonde bimbo

She whispered in my ears that she wants Mandingo

Because I turn her on with my Jamaican lingo

Plus am flexible enough for the Jamaican limbo

She heard it through the grapevine

I give girls a great time

Because I have a great whine

Sweeter than the grape wine

She say meet her at break time

She know that will be long enough

Because she heard am long enough

And she could see am strong enough

Black and African enough

I practice how to slam enough

Her boyfriend only nyam enough

Good thing I was man enough

To know I couldn’t bang the slut

A nuff Black woman mi want…


I could never take vanilla and leave chocolate alone

Oh no, am not Karl Malone

I don’t go crazy for some bitch name Barbie

I leave that for OJ and Charles Barkley

Am from the place of water and wood

100% real African wood

Am not diluted like Tiger Woods

I need a real Black woman to make me feel good

So keep Kournikova and keep Martina

Just give me Venus and the sweet Serena

Serena, Serena, I love the batty rider wha you eena

Wow, such artistic brilliance. Let us be the first to say that this individual should be honored not only as a Grammy winner, but as a poet laureate. So deep. So moving. So utterly profound. Not. Who the f—k is Bookman, and where does he get off taking cheap shots at our girl? First Janice Dickinson and now this. Jealous, bitter individuals apparently have nothing better to do than tarnish Britney’s image in a pathetic attempt to feel better about their own lives. You suck, Bookman. We despise you. You are not loved in this world. Accept it and leave Brit be.

We could launch a 10-page rebuttal here, but all we can muster the strength to do right now is post a picture of Britney Spears that no sane human would describe as ugly. Enjoy it.